Ahjo ride


Quite bright yet full-sounding ride that opens easily. Clear stick definition and bright bell. Nice wash.

Ahjo -series was designed as tribute to late 60’s -70’s Rock n’Roll bands. Maybe we should have named it “Jim” or “Marshall” to honor the late drummer that is to thank for the sound of Rock n’Roll today.  Anyway, back in those days volumes on stage started to rise significantly and therefore cymbals needed more volume to be heard over guitars.. and rest of the band. So cymbal makers started making a bit heavier and therefore brighter cymbals . That being said, if you compare that “70’s sound” to modern bright cymbals they were actually still quite dark.. For many drummers this is just right mixture of brightness and darkness – and that is exactly what we were looking for making Ahjo series. These cymbals are medium to medium-thin in weight, 20″ weights approx. 2300 grams and 21″ 2700.

In Sihi family Ahjo- series falls somewhere in between Kaski- and Sysi -series. It is quite bright but there’s darkness there as well.

So what about the name: Ahjo? It’s (surprise!) Finnish word meaning forge or furnace- so there’s some roughness and power to it. It has also a lot of “Good old days” wibe in -right? Just like your favourite band or drummer from that  time era..Or Ahjo -series.


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