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Cymbal Series

14" KAKSI hi-hat cymbal


If you must choose one cymbal to do it all, from jazz to rock to dance music, KASKI is the one. Quite bright yet full sounding. Opens easily so it’s up to you whether you play quiet or loud. Hand hammered and crafted from high-quality B20 bronze in Istanbul, Turkey. They are traditionally lathed, but we left the bells unlathed. KASKI is a Finnish word meaning land cleared by slashing and burning. We think the KASKI series has the same characteristics as the land fertilised by ash.

16" KAAOS china cymbal


KAAOS is a Finnish word meaning chaos.The KAAOS series is developed for situations where you want to be heard over a wall of guitar, and you want your cymbals to stand out brighter than anything else… You can choose whether they are quiet or loud – they open up very easily but can withstand the heat! Hand-hammered and crafted from high-quality B20 bronze in Istanbul.

18" Sysi china cymbal


SYSI is a Finnish word meaning pitch. Its dark characteristics remind us of our long, cold and dark winters. Thankfully, there’s a hint of brightness every once in a while. Just like SYSI cymbals – quite dark with a touch of brightness. It could also be related to classic black and white (romantic) movies: they have some vintage vibes and sweetness in there. Three times hand-hammered for a full and complex sound – from high-quality B20 bronze made in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ahjo ride


These cymbals are made for the occasions where you need that extra effect: more sizzle, more trashiness, more Ahjo -series was designed as tribute to the sound of late 60’s -70’s Rock n’Roll bands. For many drummers this is just right mixture of brightness and darkness – and that is exactly what we were looking for making Ahjo series.

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Here’s a bit about the history of Sihi Cymbals and how you can order Sihi cymbals. I’ve played with over a thousand different cymbals during my years as a drum store owner, selling new and used cymbals. This gives you some idea of what I expect from cymbals. But, more importantly, I’ve spoken with hundreds of drummers about cymbals: how they should and should not sound, and what’s great about this cymbal and not so great about that cymbal.

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