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Designed in Finland - Handcrafted in Istanbul

Our story

I will tell you a bit of Sihi cymbals history and how you can order Sihi cymbals. I’ve played with over a thousand different cymbals during my years as a drum store owner selling used and new cymbals. That gives you some sort of an idea what I prefer from cymbals. More importantly, I have spoken with hundreds of drummers about cymbals how should and should not sound like what’s great about this cymbal and not so great about that cymbal.

Idea of own Cymbal brand

The idea of my own cymbals started developing little by little until I had to do something about it! The tradition in cymbal making is not that great here in Finland; actually, it does not exist. So where to go? Where all the iconic cymbals are being made in Istanbul! After quite a lot of searching and talking with people in the industry, I found it! Perfect cymbal smiths with tons of experience and a massive passion for this project.

Lots of talking, going back and forth, several days in factory and Sihi cymbals were born! All Sihi cymbals are made from scratch, as traditional, legendary Turkish cymbals are. Cast from high-quality bronze (known as B20), rolled, hammered, milled, finished, polished all by highly professional cymbal smiths. Sound is the main criteria cymbal smiths listen to the cymbals, and from there, decide when is enough hammering, milling… So that’s why there are little differences in weights of cymbals.

So, where does that” Sihi” name come from? Well, initially, it was a joke and became the working title, and obviously, it stayed. But “Sihi” comes from the Finnish word” sihisee” – sizzles in English. It is also a slang word for brewed beverages, “Sihi-juoma.”

Ville Junttila
CEO, Founder

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Welcome to Sihi cymbals online store!

Cymbal sets: We do not wanna limit your freedom to play with any setup you want so you can choose your own set and get “set pricing” for that. When you order 3 cymbals, you will get 8% discount, 4 cymbals = -10%  and 5 or more cymbals gives 12% discount. Discount will be calculated automatically.

For all purchases of 300€s or more shipping is free within European Union excluding Canary Islands, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Madeira, Sardinia, Sicily. If you live outside first area please send an e-mail to: and we will be happy to make you an offer!

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