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We receive several endorsement requests every week and very often we find that the applicants may not fully understand why we endorse an artist.

First of all, a Sihi Artist should fully commit to Sihi Cymbals. OK, if you have to play a gig with a borrowed drum kit, then you’ll play, but as an endorser we do expect you to fully commit to Sihi Cymbals. Not because we want it, but because you want it. From a business point of view, we endorse an artist, because he/she is popular enough to influence consumers and by being that, helps us to sell more cymbals. In a nutshell, the artist gets the best professional equipment and Sihi Cymbals gets more sales.


We would be happy, if the applicant has already chosen – and plays Sihi Cymbals. We are also happy if the applicant, after trying our cymbals, finds out that Sihi is their brand for the future.

After becoming a part of Sihi Family, we will work hard to his/her benefit and that’s what we expect also from our artists.

You can be a performing or education artist, or both. What we do value is:

– Your playing ability

– Numbers –  CD sales, spotify, youtube, etc.

– Participation in high visibility tours

– Visibility on a national or international level 

– Hits on Social Media

What we would like to know about you is:

– Personal resume & biography

– Address, phone, e-mail

– Online links to digital channels, website(s)

– Biographical material on band(s) and/or other affiliations

– Videos that highlight your playing ability (youtube etc.)

– Significant teaching credentials

– Press materials

– Photo(s)

Welcome to Sihi cymbals online store!

Cymbal sets: We do not wanna limit your freedom to play with any setup you want so you can choose your own set and get “set pricing” for that. When you order 3 cymbals, you will get 8% discount, 4 cymbals = -10%  and 5 or more cymbals gives 12% discount. Discount will be calculated automatically.

For all purchases of 300€s or more shipping is free within European Union excluding Canary Islands, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Madeira, Sardinia, Sicily. If you live outside first area please send an e-mail to: info@sihicymbals.com and we will be happy to make you an offer!

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