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Aki Parviainen


Antony Parviainen trio

I chose Sihi Cymbals because of the quality, because they are domestic, because the service is simply the best!

My personal preference: Sysi series. Dark and warm sound. Very musical cymbals for every music style.

Very beautiful unique look.

Sihi Cymbals in use

15”  Sysi hi-hat
16”  Sysi custom crash
20”  Sysi crash
21”  Sysi ride

Niko Pennanen


2 Wolves

I have played drums for 20 years and played in multiple bands over the years.

Reason I chose Sihi cymbals is that they were new interesting looking cymbals and also one of my drumming idols was using them, and of course wanted to support a brand new Finnish company. 

I had to buy full set and couldn’t be happier with those. They just sounds great and fit my playing style like a fist in the face!

Best cymbals that I ever had!

Sihi Cymbals in use

14″ Kaski hi-hat
14″ Kaaos hi-hat
17″ Kaaos crash
19″ Kaaos crash
10″ Kaski splash
18″ Kaski china
20″ Kaski Ride

Konsta Vehkala


J. Vehkala & Ystävät

I picked up Sihi Cymbals because the idea of a Finnish cymbal brand felt fascinating and obviously the cymbals itself sounded perfect as well. They also look really good and unique. They work perfectly in all situations, whether you are playing a loud metal gig or a quiet acoustic show. Also they seem to be really durable. …And the customer service is absolute perfection as well!

10”  Kaaos splash
13”  Kaaos hi-hat
14”  Kaski hihat
16”  Kaaos crash
17”  Kaaos crash
18”  Kaaos crash
18”  Kaski china
22”  Kaski ride

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