Kaaos crash

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A bright sounding crash cymbal with clear stick definition. Opens easily. Even though the sound is bright, it doesn’t have those unwanted overtones. Your sound engineer will love these crashes!

KAAOS crashes are medium-thin in weight, 16″ weights approx. 1000 grams and 18″ 1400.

KAAOS is a Finnish word meaning chaos.The KAAOS series is developed for situations where you want to be heard over a wall of guitar, and you want your cymbals to stand out brighter than anything else… You can choose whether they are quiet or loud – they open up very easily but can withstand the heat!

We think that we achieved in creating a perfect cymbal -series for heavier music. Hi-hats open easily and have bright- and clear sound. When played open they have nice wash sound – closed they have beautiful and very distinctive stick sound. The sound in chinas is trashy and fast- like pouring water on sauna stove! 🙂 We turned the bell “the right way” so you don’t have to tighten your cymbal. Therefore it can vibrate freely and create better sound. Cymbals also last longer that way. All other KAAOS -cymbals being medium thin to thin we wanted rides to be heavy in order to create that glass -like, very clear stick definition and of course bright, loud bell sound! Even though rides are heavy they have nice wash “back there”.

Kaaos is hand-hammered and crafted from high-quality B20 bronze in Istanbul. These cymbals have two years warranty- as do all of our cymbals.


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2 reviews for Kaaos crash

  1. Sami Rehmonen

    Brilliant sound indeed! And loud, perfect addition to heavy metal set. Not as dark sound I would like but great although.

  2. Henrik odgaard glass

    Perfectly pitched. Really good heavy sound and crashes a lot. Addition to all this it looks absolutely amazing on its brilliant finish.

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