Endcore oy, registration number: FI33454658, address: Aurinkopolku 2, 10600 Tammisaari; sells products to companies and individuals of legal age in countries of the European Union. These terms of delivery apply to orders from our online store and to deliveries. These terms of delivery are valid as of 31 October 2019. We are entitled to change these terms of delivery unilaterally at any time, so please review the terms every time you order products from our online store.

Products and prices

The characteristics and prices of the products in our online store are shown in each product presentation. We reserve the right to change the prices of the products and delivery charges, so please check the above amounts in the shopping basket before you place the order. The prices of the products include value-added tax (VAT), and the amount of VAT is shown in the shopping cart and the order confirmation.

Delivery charges

The possible delivery charges depend on the product itself (for example, the weight and packaging) and the chosen delivery method. The cost of delivery (if any) will be added automatically to the total amount of your order, and you can see the delivery charge (if any) in your shopping cart before you place your order. The delivery fee is €19.90 to EU countries for purchases under €300. Delivery is free for orders above €300.

Ordering and contract

You can order the products in our online store by adding them to your shopping cart, accepting your order and paying for it at the checkout. When you order from our online store, we require you to read and accept the terms of delivery applying at the time of ordering. You understand that the accepted order, once confirmed by us is binding (except to the extent as the cancellation right below may be applied), and together with these terms of delivery forms a contract between us.


To pay for your order, choose any payment method for your shopping cart as stated in our online store.

Confirmation of order and payment

When you have successfully placed an order, we will email you an order confirmation, so please make sure that you provide your email address before placing your order. At the checkout, we will also confirm your method of payment. If we cannot accept your order due to unexpected circumstances, we will inform you promptly.


We will deliver your order via the delivery method you choose when you place your order.

Delivery time

Our typical delivery times to European Union countries are approximately 10 working days, depending on the order and delivery method. More specific delivery times are stated in connection with the product descriptions.

Right to cancel and return of the delivery

If you are a consumer, you have the right to cancel your order in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act by notifying us of your cancellation within 14 days of receiving the goods or the last batch of the delivery, or, for regular deliveries of goods, within 14 days of receiving the first shipment. You must make your notification of cancellation clearly, for example, by using our cancellation notification form, sending your notification to our email address set out below, or sending a written notification attached to your return delivery of the goods. The right to cancel applies solely to returned goods, which must be in their original packaging, unused and well packaged for the return delivery.

If you cancel your order, you must return the goods promptly, within 14 days of the cancellation notification, to the return address mentioned in these terms below. If necessary, you must prove that the goods have been returned within the above-mentioned return period (e.g., by presenting the return receipt). You must pay for the costs of returning the goods. Such costs will not be refunded to you. When returning the goods, please attach your name, contact information and bank account number so that we can refund the cost of the order to you. We will promptly refund the payment to you in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.

Our return address:
Sihi cymbals
Kroggårdsvägen 29
10300 Karjaa

Inspection of the delivery, errors and problems

Please inspect the delivery received promptly upon receipt. If a product is missing or damaged during the tPlease inspect the delivery promptly upon receipt. If a product is missing, has been damaged during transit or is defective, or if the delivery does not otherwise match your order, please notify our customer service team within 14 days so we can reach an agreement on how to rectify the situation. With regard to defects in products ordered by consumers, we adhere to the mandatory provisions of consumer protection legislation.

Customer service

Our personnel are happy to help you with any questions regarding your order, so please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email at, phone +358 0451166240

Limitation of liability

BBQ on Wheels t:mi shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages related to or arising from the order, delivery or product, except to the extent as otherwise stipulated by the mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act or the mandatory provisions of other applicable legislation.


If there are any disputes regarding your order, we wish to resolve them primarily with you. Please contact our customer service team in such matters so we can try to resolve the issue. If a dispute concerning a sales contract cannot be resolved through negotiation between the parties, the consumer can submit the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. Before submitting the matter to the Consumer Disputes Board, the consumer should contact the Consumer Advisory Service at the Local Register Office.

Payment service provider

Paytrail Plc (2122839-7) is a collecting payment service provider and an authorised payment institution that cooperates with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Plc is shown as the payment recipient on your bank or credit card statement. Paytrail Plc will forward the payment to the merchant. For reclamations, please contact the website the payment was made to.

Paytrail Plc, business ID 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 207 181 830

More info about collector invoice and part payment

General rules and terms
Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7
40100 Jyväskylä
tel: 020 718 1830

We also use PayPal.

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